How does it work?

We assess your needs

No organization is the same. It is important to us that you get nothing but exactly what you need. We customize the experience after who and where you are.

You start your journey in the startup jungle

The Startup Jungle can be anything from a one-time-thing to a long-time committment.

We evaluate and adapt

Since the world is in constant change, the organization needs to change as well. As a user of the Startup Jungle, the needs and usage changes over time and so does our offering.

”Som styrelseproffs vet jag att en förutsättning för att kunna bedriva ett effektivt styrelsearbete är att alla styrelse medlemmar ska vara på samma sida och förstå helheten. Det gäller även att ha en tydlig vision, strategi och samsyn på hur man tar sig framåt och når de uppsatta målen.  Startup Jungle faciliterar på ett enkelt och pedagogiskt sätt för att få en översikt över företaget, att förstå helheten, diskutera både vision och strategi samt en samsyn om hur man når företagets objektiv. Detta är inte enbart användbart för Start-ups men även för etablerade bolag som behöver få en samsyn på strategier och mål."

Artur Aira



A whole day activity in the Startup Jungle to have a discussion about the mission of the organization, and the strategy required to get there. The goal is to create a coherent view over the organizations current state and how you can most efficiently work to achieve your goals.


With markets changing drastically as a result of digitalization, there is a need to update what management theories the organization follows. MJA, the Jungle version of a MBA, is a whole day activity about how to create an understanding of the main theories of the Startup Jungle, and how these can be applied in our work.


Obeya is a project management method to use the Startup Jungle as a miniature model of the company as a tool to plan and evaluate. The model should be used weekly to measure the outcome of the conducted work, discuss the processes and priorities, and keep a living discussion on the progress of the company.

What can it be used for?


The Startup Jungle supports the company to learn and adopt agile practices, to make work more efficient, coordinated, and customer-oriented.


Can be used for board-work,  to conduct scenario-planning, and exploring and aligning internal strategy. Can be used to discuss how to reach your market.

Resource Planning

Use the model to discuss and visualize KPI:s and prioritize  resources, to get an overview of weekly progress. 

Communication and team building

Break down internal information silos and create an internal alignment and between departments, to visualize the discussion to give employees a space to show their point of view. 

Management 3.0

Through the Startup Jungle, one can learn how to use the implications of Management 3.0. Management 3.0 means doing the right thing for the team through involvement and engagement from the employees. 

Lean Startup

Learn how to work with Lean Startup! Providing value to the customer is at the core of lean thinking. Lean startup is a method of getting the product to the customer faster by focusing on  creating a Minimum-Viable-Product.

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