Startup Jungle Obeya

Bring the Startup Jungle to you

Target User

  • Startups
  • Incubators
  • Educators
  • Larger companies


  • Introduction workshop
  • Two 1/h visits from facilitator per month
  • 2-D or 3-D version of the Startup Jungle
  • Animals, KPI-sticks, and resource-bricks

Obeya is a project management method to use the model as a miniature model of the company as a tool to plan and evaluate. The model should be used weekly to measure the outcome of the conducted work, discuss the processes and priorities, and keep a living discussion on the progress of the company. Obeya, a Japanese word for “large room” or “war room”, is a method within project management that is used in lean manufacturing. It is used in managerial planning, where people involved in product and process development meet in a specific room in order to decrease departmental thinking. When in the room, it is used for communication and decision-making about specific problems and discuss information that is important for the current situation. The Startup Jungle can be used as a support tool for this process. When the Startup Jungle has a permanent position in the company, it can be frequently re-visited and used to evaluate and communicate the current challenges, processes, and problems. When the Obeya method is used, the resource-planning provided by the KPI-sticks and resource-bricks.

2-D model

3-D model

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