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The Startup Jungle is built on numerous theories around management in the new age, such as lean startup, agile leadership, tech sales and .management 3.0. To have a transparent view into our work is important, and we are glad to share our built up knowledge on these subjects. Here you can find our posted material on what the Startup Jungle is, and what it is based on. 

Startup Jungle is a brand new concept. The model is a standalone from Startup Management but it can also be integrated. Companies and organizations can use the model to understand, plan and discuss scenarios for their companies. To not understand what theories and tools that are relevant and how to apply them in the organisation is a massive waste of resource. Most Startup-companies fail and goes bankrupt, or get stuck in a survival mode. We believe that leadership and management is the critical factor for success. When it is well functioning, it can navigate around the obstacles that always appears and create new value, which leads to a successful business model.

As a Startup, you face a lot of different challenges and situations to make sense of and act upon. To scale up, to find the right customer, to alter the business model, or to change direction of the business. The Startup Jungle can provide an aligned picture of all aspects of the company, and the tools to help you avoid costly mistakes, and aid you to get all employees committed and highly motivated. It can be used by different parts of the company – the board alone, different parts of management, or with representatives from all departments of the company.


When Hans Alveros was playing with a toy train track with his son, he suddenly faced a wake up realization: The train track is a perfect representation about how traditional management theories believe businesses works. It is a repeat-business, structured and controlled environment with a defined path. There is a train with a first and second class, providing a clear hierarki where they employees are all in the same train but separated in different rooms, with the risk of being disconnected to each other. The stops are defined, and the train loops the same circle that can be somewhat changed but still single-tracked and pre-defined. The problem is, it does not reflect or aid how a company can navigate reality. The failure rate of Startup-companies is said to be at 90 %. Somewhere, there is a misalignment in the methods used and what the company actually need. Through the jungle, we want to increase the possibilities that your company succeeds.

To spread information about Startup Jungle, invite to discussions, and gaining new valuable knowledge, we have are arranging seminars in different related topics. Find more information in our Meetup Group

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Jungle Series

As a part of our launch of the Startup Jungle, we have recorded a series of videos with information about the Jungle and underlying theories. This is the body of work so far.