We are experts of research!

Brainspot Executive AB has experience from a variety of industries, primarily in the private sector but we have also undertaken assignments for the public sector and NGOs. We are comfortable handling international engagements including having worked outside of Europe. Our research involves a systematic industry analysis and a comprehensive search for candidates.

How does it work?

You will receive a long-list of between 25 to 40 people with relevant backgrounds. We will then contact these candidates to propose the role. After this, a short-list will be produced and the interested candidates presented to you along with their full resumés. As a customer you then overtake responsibility for the processes of interviewing, contacting references and conducting tests. Brainspot will follow the process and monitor progress the whole time, staying until the candidate has signed the contract.


The UPP-test measures with high reliability and validity, key aspects of working life and compensates for candidates answering dishonestly, whether consciously or unconsciously, in a scientifically proven manner. It also measures a candidate’s emotional state during the test and overall data quality. The assessment can be supplemented with a fast and authenticated aptitude test.

The screening test is a shortened version of the full UPP-test. It includes evaluations of integrity as well as several personality traits. A candidate’s intellectual capability is assessed via a specific module as is their personality type. The test saves a lot of time during the early stages of recruitment, especially where many candidates are expected.

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