Startup Management

Making the team work

We believe that leadership and management are the critical factors for successful teams. Managing a Startup-company can be exciting, a great learning experience, and most certain very challenging. It´s natural for a founder or manager to have sales, tech and finance top of mind, but a growing company needs to take care of the people at some point. When well functioning, the team feel trust and motivation to navigate around the obstacles that always appears, always understanding what value it´s creating.

We provide the organizational help you need, when you need it. Startup Management (SUM) works as a longterm partner. We build our work from our own experience, best practice, and modern research in the startup arena. SUM works from where you are, and we pinpoint and take hands on action to assist you in growing your company.

Our main target for Startup Management is innovative companies, sized at 5-100 employees.


Making everybody in the organization understand and truly work with great commercial focus, and create readiness.


Building motivation and collaboration in the team and tearing down information-silos.


To create internal capabilities by building the organization that is needed, to be able to face upcoming challenges.

Strategic competence coaching

With Brainspot’s long experience in recruitment, we can aid to put together efficient teams.


Provide evaluation and development of the management team.

Business Model

The business model needs to be able to stand the test of time, and Brainspot can assist in evaluation and aligningment. 



If change in commitment is needed, charging will be done from an hourly rate. Feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

SUM Small

For companies in early stages. We support CEO and can quickly respond when needed.

2 hours/month

SUM Medium

We take care of hands on work in your organization, working from your office.

16 hrs/month

SUM Large

On the way to scale up? We work closely to realize and implement your strategies, and act as your resource in change/HR-projects and ad hoc assignments along the way.

64 hrs/month