We do Agile Search

Brainspot Executive provides HR-support to organisations in change. Many years of experience in executive search has led us to a conclusion. And a solution. Agile Search.

Our company values are clearly reflected in each specific assignment. Everything that we do is custom made for each unique and specific client, predominantly entrepreneurs and companies in change.

We know about the opportunities and challenges organisations face when it is time to take the next step, as we ourselves have acquired this experience from dynamic constantly changing environments. It is through this knowledge and understanding we create our agile and market adapted methods. We do not believe in unchangeable and static processes, creating an environment of a ctrl+c / ctrl+v behaviour. Agile Search does not include copies.

Every successful business relies on a team built on competences and diversity. We believe that team members must perform both individually and collectively for the company to develop and thrive. The Agile Search model builds dynamic teams

The process of Agile Search

The IT-industry realized it and adjusted to agile methods long ago. We have studied and implemented a lot of that into our search. Along with that comes a completely new way of thinking. In Agile search we work together towards the best result, using an iterative method.

In short: we look at the team around the candidate, we help you to define your requirements and then preform “learning-search” to learn the best strategy to find the very optimal candidate. We put a lot of focus on the candidates ability and motivation- not only on the candidates CV-background. We are epxperts on search, but we don´t claim to have all the answers from the start. Agile search helps you to find the candidate you need, not the one you wanted.

The disruptive company's best friend