Startup Jungle Seminars

With offices filling up with employees again after summer, a lot of companies take this time to discuss and find the proper plan for how to organize their work in the times to come. The start of fall usually means a period of teambuilding activities, strategy-days, and workshops. Therefore, it is a great time to get involved in our new concept: Startup Jungle. During the fall and winter, we are organizing Meetups where you can get Read more…

GDPR? Business as usual.

Integrity has always been important at Brainspot Executive. To us, the new laws from the European Union does not change our work processes  – we already work with transparency and integrity in our data protection. With GDPR coming into use on the 25th of May, we made our integrity policy available for everyone to take part of. It is available to read here.


Powercell has a mission to really change the world for the better. It´s therefore extremely proud to be selected for a long-term cooperation to support in delveloping and growing their organization. We will give them support within organizational development, change & business development.

Ripasso Energy

Brainspot has signed an Agreement with Ripasso Energy. We are very proud to be a part of Ripassos:s International expansion within the Cleantech area. Brainspot will support in the areas of HR, Change and business development.  

Anders Henningsson about the UPP test

“I got a very detailed feedback on my test result in a very constructive and stimulating way and it exceeded my expectations by far. The discussions became extra interesting as I had scored the highest possible result on the intelligence test. Our discussions were very rewarding since Hans really took his time with me and the process offered a unique opportunity for reflection. I can strongly recommend Hans as a key person in a recruitment Read more…

Green City Ferries

Brainspot has signed an agreement with Green City Ferries, the world´s fastest electric commuter vessel. GCF is a innovative cleantech company from Stockholm and we act as HR-Pilot to help them in optimizing the team and also search for future candidates for their expansion. We are happy and proud to contribute to a solution for a sustainable infrastructure!