Meet Our New Team Member: Alexander Johansson

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Alexander Johansson

What is your role at Brainspot Executive?

During my master’s studies I began working as a researcher and since my graduation I’ve come on as an Executive Research Consultant. My main responsibilities involve market research, as well as sourcing and communicating with candidates;  all in close collaboration with our clients. Of course, in a rapidly evolving firm everyone gets a chance to lend their competence to all parts of the business, and I try to involve myself in as many things as possible. It’s a win-win approach, as I get to help the business grow whilst developing myself in the process. The two build on each other.

 What is your background?

Before starting to build on my career I worked for a few years in the service sector, but for the last few years I have spent my time at universities around the country. I took my Bachelor’s degree at Luleå University of Technology, where I majored in economics. From there I took the first year of the European Studies master at Gothenburg University and then finalized my studies with a Master’s Degree in International Business and Trade at the Gothenburg school of Business, Economics and Law. So I have firm footing in both economics and international management and business, as well as political science.

Why did you decide to start working at Brainspot Executive?

There are of course many reasons, but to start of it was really a happy coincidence that I stumbled upon Brainspot. I never really thought of Executive Search as something I would pursue, but I realized it was much more than staring yourself blind at LinkedIn for hours on end. You help build companies long-term, you analyze markets and industries, you help develop our business actively by putting your competencies to the test. You also get to work with a lot of disruptive and innovative companies, especially with our new venture in to Startup Management. I found that really interesting and fun!

I immediately recognized it as a place where my input and contribution is valued. There is no prestige as to your title or place in the firm. If you have a good idea or insight it is considered equal to the rest. You are valued for what you accomplish, not how many hours your clock in front of your laptop. The flip side to that is of course that you have to take responsibility and do good work. It was exactly what I was looking for. Not to take anything away from the Big Four but I always felt that there was a risk that you end up a small cog in a very large machine in these big consultancy firms, and I have seen it happen. Working that way didn’t really interest me. I want to be in the vanguard; to stick my neck out. We are agile in everything we do, and everyone is a part of that.

Finally, Brainspot is just a fantastic combination of colleagues. We collaborate, we don’t dictate. We crack jokes and we learn from each other. It’s always okay to disagree and voice your opinion. Decisions aren’t based on hierarchy, but instead out of respect for someone’s expertise and competence. You don’t do dog years at Brainspot. You are a part of the family from day one.


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