Traditional Assessment Criteria

We are very committed to CSR issues and Brainspot is a proud member of CSR West Sweden. This allows us to add a fourth dimension to the more traditional three assessment criteria. For those roles where sustainability impacts the candidate’s work, we can factor this into our search.


Relevant training is normally a “basic” requirement. It demonstrates that in addition to technical knowledge, the person has developed as an individual and can manage and organise complex information.


A candidate’s previous experience is often critical enabling them to quickly get into the role and deliver value.


A candidate’s personal attributes are often a deciding factor in the generation of value and the maximisation of potential. With the right person in the right place you create a powerful win-win for both client and candidate.


A new way to assess candidates. Does the candidate follow company values? Having people who do not support the company’s values creates, in the short or long term, direct damage such as fines and indirect damage to the company’s brand. Where CSR issues are important to a company we will find out if the candidate shares the corresponding value