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Is your company facing great challenges due to your rapid growth? Are you setting up a new function and don’t know where to begin, or how to find and retain talent? Does your go-to-market strategy not actually go to market? Is your office on fire?

Then you have come to the right place, except for the fire-thing. Whether you need to turn your organization upside down or recruit some key talent, Brainspot is your go-to partner and advisor. We believe in organizing for capabilities to face constant change, and embrace the future by continuously adapting our processes to help you in your journey to understand and handle your challenges with an agile mindset. If you want to sit down and talk about your challenges or just have a cup of coffee to get to know us better; Give us a call! Brainspot develops and makes organisations grow. As a headhunter, we help clients to attract and recruit competence by either classic research or Agile search, depending on situation. We are one of Swedens top research firms and the only one to have developed Agile search.

We also work with Startup Management. Startup Management is about taking a hands on part in dealing with the growth or change of your organisation, it´s a unique concept with one hand in HR and the other in management of change, focusing on making it possible to scale up your business.  

Meet our team

hans alveros

Hans Alveros

MANAGING PARTNER and founder of startup jungle 

Hans Alveros is founder and Managing Partner of Brainspot Executive AB. His background is in entrepreneurship and start-up companies. Hans has worked in Recruitment since 2004, and has managed projects in a wide-range of industries including, Automotive, Industrial, Transport and Professional Services. He has a degree from the University of Gothenburg, School of Business and is a certified user of UPP-testing and understanding Personal Potential.

Arian Ansari

Arian Ansari works as an Executive Search Consultant at Brainspot. He holds a double degree in Business and Psychology from the university of Gothenburg. He has experience in recruiting C-level positions from a wide range of sectors, including MedTech, Construction, IT and E-Commerce among other sectors. Arian has a strong background in sales and business development, gained through previous positions within finance sector and consulting services. Besides his work at Brainspot, Arian is strongly enthusiastic about disruptive ideas and integration policies, and aspires to make a positive impact for future generations.

Alexander Johansson

Executive Research Consultant
Alexander Johansson joined Brainspot as an Executive Research Consultant after taking his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at LTU and Master’s in International Business and Trade from Gothenburg’s School of Business, Economics and Law. Since starting at Brainspot he has worked with a variety of sectors, such as construction, IT, Medtech and retail. Alexander believes in person-based recruitment. His view is that the best talent brings insights from multiple disciplines and experiences, and collates these into a unique expertise. Alexander also has a burning interest for disruptive innovations and how technological development can be leveraged for global sustainable development.

Frida Kjidderö

Frida Kjidderö works as a research analyst and project manager for the Startup Jungle at Brainspot. She also handles PR and Web. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics from the University of Gothenburg. She is combining her Master’s degree studies in Digital Leadership while simultaneously working with both search and management. Previously she has worked as a freelance writer, tech support, and within finance. Her major area of interest lies within how to transform management to better fit the new business world created and driven by digitalisation, and updating the tools of governance, management, and strategical thinking.

Olof Mattson

Investor relations Consultant

Olof is a freelance PR consultant work with Investor Relations at Brainspot Executive. He has over 7 years of experience in PR, Communications and Marketing, working with clients in industries ranging from medtech and energy solutions to retail and spirits. Olof holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications science from Gothenburg University. Besides consulting in PR, Olof has a keen interest in Gin and runs Swedens largest Gin blog. He also runs Swedens first mental gym for men. 

Ryan Rumble

Ryan Rumble works as a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg. He defended his PhD on business model tools at the Université Grenoble-Alpes and holds a master’s degree in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship. His research incorporates new insights from psychology, sociology, and urban studies to understand the role that tools, technologies, and workplaces have in influencing strategic decisions. He is currently working with Brainspot to develop new technologies to help managers better conceptualize, navigate, and shape their business environments.

Karin Berg

Phd student and facilitator for startup jungle 
Karin Berg is a PhD student at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg. Her current work is focusing on academic engagement and how university-industry collaboration can influence knowledge transfer and capabilities for innovation, which attracts interest from both industry and academia. Karin received the Best PhD Candidate Paper Award at the 21st Uddevalla Symposium 2018 earlier this year, which illustrates the importance and quality of her work. 

Brainspot Alumni

Aurélie Jakobsson

Aurélie Jakobsson

 Aurélie Jakobsson worked as a Lead Researcher at Brainspot from September 2014 to January 2018. She is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience in recruitment, previously from two years of recruiting in the pharmaceutical industry in Stockholm and three years towards the IT sector in Paris. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from SupdesRH, a business school specialised in HR in Paris.

ruben malmström

Ruben Malmström

Ruben worked as an executive research analyst from February 2014 to April 2017.  Ruben holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science. He has experience from recruiting from a wide range of sectors, including medtech, industrial engineering, IT, restaurant franchising and retail among other sectors. Besides his work at Brainspot, Ruben is strongly enthusiastic about public policy and politics, and aspires to work with social non-profit projects, wether it be in association with official authorities, NGOs or other organisations.

Advisory board

Heije Westberg

Markus Pregmark

Traditional Assessment Criteria

We are very committed to CSR issues and Brainspot is a proud member of CSR West Sweden. This allows us to add a fourth dimension to the more traditional three assessment criteria. For those roles where sustainability impacts the candidate’s work, we can factor this into our search.


Relevant training is normally a “basic” requirement. It demonstrates that in addition to technical knowledge, the person has developed as an individual and can manage and organise complex information.


A candidate’s previous experience is often critical enabling them to quickly get into the role and deliver value.


A candidate’s personal attributes are often a deciding factor in the generation of value and the maximisation of potential. With the right person in the right place you create a powerful win-win for both client and candidate.


A new way to assess candidates. Does the candidate follow company values? Having people who do not support the company’s values creates, in the short or long term, direct damage such as fines and indirect damage to the company’s brand. Where CSR issues are important to a company we will find out if the candidate shares the corresponding value